Recipe for Tasty Branding

1 cup clear focus
16 tbsps knowing your audience
8 oz. knowing yourself
128 g consistency

1.   Let yourself marinate. Your brand isn’t just for you, it’s for your customers, too. Equally, weigh out your vibe and what your target market is looking for so that your branding is tailored to the right pallet. 

2.   Mix your ingredients in a large bowl. Once your ideas have marinated, mix focus, your audience, yourself, and consistency in a bowl along with a large dash of creativity and a pinch of Brunchzilla Secret Seasoning.

3.   BAKE! It takes time to make sure your logo is exactly what you want. It is the welcome mat to your business, and it should entice people to explore more about what you are up to.

4.   Decorate. This is the fun part. Once you are happy with your logo, make sure your brand is consistent across all platforms including your website, social media, print collateral, and your physical location. 

Want to get your branding in the oven?


character design

murals + art

print collateral