Recipe for social media Marketing greatness

1 cup authenticity
16 tbsps honesty
8 oz. fearlessness

1.   Pre-heat content with strong branding. Creating content is both a planned and spontaneous process. When you create content through photography, illustration, videography, etc. you want to start with perfectly tempered branding so that all your social media marketing cooks to perfection. If you need a little help in this area, check out our branding services.

2.   Mix your ingrediants in a large bowl. Once your branding had reached the perfect temperature, mix authenticity, honesty, and fearlessness along with a large dash of creativity and a pinch of marketing strategy.

3.   Pour your concoction into the appropriate pan. Depending on your target market and *let’s be honest* your passion, pick the pan that rights for you. Definitely start with the classic Instagram and Facebook, but consider trying some Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Linked In too.

4.   Place in the oven to bake. Allow your social media marketing strategy to grow until golden brown and reaching your goals. 

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